Blog 4: Excelling in building a Digital Brand

On Monday night last, 28th of November, our Lecture in digital marketing Steven Ryan at Corks Institute of Technology, invited Doreen O’Mahony from Laya Healthcarcaptureliyvoive to speak to us on the dynamic changing digital marketing world for their company and others today.

Firstly, Doreen spoke about when she firsts joined Laya healthcare,  social media was not the norm. Not a lot of emphasis had beenplaced on social Media/ Digital Marketing in early 2009. When large campaigns were only beginning to create Facebook page. Doreen’s first objective she told us was to set a business Strategy that would guide them into the digital age.

The strengths of the Laya Healthcare Digital presence

We got a great insight into how Laya Healthcare Market their business online and the importance of customer’s relationships, placing it at for front of any business to succeed.
Doreen spoke of the fantastic customer service and knowledge there call center has for taking care of patient they wanted to create a similar approach with members area online.

In 2014 they launched a fantastic new application known as ‘GPLine’, this allows people to speak to a professional doctor on the move and also receive prescriptions.
When the digital era begin and it became the norm for big business to join Facebook and Twitter for example. Laya Healthcare revamped their website so it was more consumer friendly and saw 51 percent of sales were online, in comparison to 49 percent over the phone.

Compared to organisations who are excelling in the digital era

1.  CoCa Cola: is still a dominate product in the soft drinks industry this is due to its fantastic digital marketing stagey.

  • The Product is Family orientated. Combing the feature of love and togetherness as seen in numerous advertisements they produce.
  • Coke is no longer just a soft drink, it now creates an emotion, its happiness. Seen in many of their television adds “Open happiness”.
  • Coke has a broad and ever expanding target market in comparison to Laya healthcare market. The Product line for coke is beginning to expand further, therefore attracting new customers. Laya Healthcare try and attract new customer with their new feature as mentioned “GPLine”.
  • A key aspect to any Digital marketing plan which coke do so well, is constantly reminding the customer about their brand.
  1. Starbucks:
  • Starbucks Rewards: the firm’s loyalty program, continues to grow. The firm now has 12 million active loyalty members in the US, a 16% growth from the same period last year.
  • Starbucks Mobile APP: customers are using the mobile app frequently24% of US orders were paid via Starbucks’ mobile app in Q1 2016, compared to 21% in Q4 2015. The firm plans to add personalization features and other incentives to further boost mobile purchasing in 2016.
  • High mobile app usage could be driving some of Starbucks’ same-store sales growth. Mobile app users spend three times more than the average Starbucks customer, according to The Wall Street Journal. It’s likely that increased mobile app purchasing was responsible for at least a portion of the store’s ticket growth, which drove overall same store sales.



Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Hope you enjoyed it.


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