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Hi CC Digital Marketing here again, Below is a blog post in relation to a recent Eir Spiders Digital Marketing Workshop I attended.

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On Tuesday October 4th I attended a fantastic event in the Clarion Hotel Cork, the workshop was held by Eire Spiders whom “design and deliver online strategies which place digital firmly at the heart of our client’s business”.

The workshop helped integrate numerous different aspects in the digital marketing world.

Key speakers and influencers spoke about their own business and gave huge insights into how to grow your S.M.E.

Speakers on the day;capture5hy

Marie Davis – Head of Marketing Solutions Google. Marie Spoke of how mobile has change the digital Marketing industry forever, “Everything at your fingertips and

Paul Byrne from tinder Point, referred to Gary Vaynerchuk quote “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” on numerous occasions, which fantastically summarises selling to your customers capturehg6honline, rather than bombarding your audience with constant information, slowly integrate your selling mechanisms. A more beneficial financial approach in the long run.

Going visual with your business “Create, distribute, analyse Repeat”.


Iris Daly – Head of Digital at Eir Business, spoke of the importance of ecommerce and planning a strategy for your bucapturehy6hsiness is. Once you have a correct structure in place you can captivate on this, “In the moment experiences for your customer”. An interesting statistic that 68% will click out of your website if it is not loading within 3 seconds! AB Testing and split testing helps overcome these obstacles’. Iris finished with a fitting quote to sum it up, “Your credibility is vital”.

Richard Barrett, Co-Founder of Pundit Arena, spoke of how you can grow build a business and help motivate your employees.

capturehg6hRichard used an example of a Loyalty Card, as many people would use a loyalty card for example with your coffee “get 10 stamps Win a free coffee” an almost old style of marketing but Richard made an interesting point businesses should help the customer by stamping 5 of those empty spaces.
What you are really doing is encouraging the customer to buy more, as they are nearer the free coffee then they were in the first place.

You could even replace this idea with a scratch card, where it is a win/Lose situation again the customer is more enticed because the customer is more likely to win that outcome.

Creating this randomisation helps motivate your employees, to sum it all up Richard exclaimed “You only get a finite amount of opportunity you have to make the most of every opportunity”.

captureStephen Ryan Head of Marketing at Corks Redfm and digital marketing lecture in Corks Institute of technology our final spokesperson of the morning.

Stephen produced interesting insights into how story telling has now changed with the revolution of video, “We can control what we watch, we are now creating visuals diary’s.”

With now the ever more increasing growth of technology business can target younger and younger audiences though the use of digital media.

We as businesses now can build relationships using the following building blocks;
1 Paid- A form of purchasing/ using a budget to grow
2 Owned – Unique within the business
3 Earned – For example your material shared online

Three different platforms we have today to grow relationship with our audience.

At the end of the day Stephen exclaimed “Budgets no not matter Story’s do” It is through story’s we create something unique and different from our competitors to help us strive with future success.

Overall key aspects

Digital Marketing leverages electronic devices PC, Tablet and mobile Phone to provide an experience that influences a desired audience to take an action.

Digital Marketing today is the tip of the spear when engaging with a desired audience. It is not simply the channel of delivery, but the way in which an experience comes to life, (as Stephen spoke of with storytelling) across channels such as Paid, owned and earned Media.

Digital is now the first touch point for the consumer and a channel where the consumer has greater control over what they see and when they see it. In a world where the intended target has limitless choices, it’s up to Digital Marketers to understand the customer journey, customer expectations and desired outcomes from a myriad of scenarios.

Eir Spiders 2015 event


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